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We design, build and maintain the largest and most complex projects in various countries. We see each project as a global challenge that Dewlemend undertakes and resolves. Therefore, Dewlemend employees have been instrumental in the development of the tools and systems used today to ensure that complex projects are carried out safely and with the highest quality.

If you value individual teamwork and want to advance your career and help Dewlemend take project execution to a new level, join us to develop your career together.

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Our biggest investment is human.

Safe, stable, robust, using the best technology, in an ever-evolving structure, our goal as Dewlemend, our employees, as well as personal and professional sense to provide them with the resources to develop themselves and create a working environment that allows them to use the highest level of potential.

Our Human Resources policy has adopted the principle of raising the level of knowledge, skills, adaptation, motivation and satisfaction of our employees, and has begun to work for the realization of these and aims to continuously renew itself.

It is a privilege to join Dewlemend employees who are friendly, open to innovation, share information, produce fast solutions, and adopt a reliable, customer-oriented approach.



Why Should You Be Dewlemend?

As a leader and pioneer in the sectors in which it operates, Dewlemend employs competent and competent employees in order to add value to its sustainable success. Adopting the “Continuous Improvement” principle, Dewlemend attaches importance to the personal and professional development of its employees and organizes some programs for this purpose.
With its corporate values, Dewlemend offers its employees a business environment where differences are respected and principles such as equality, reliability and honesty are adopted. Innovative, dynamic, expert in the field and acting with team spirit, Dewlemend’s internationally challenging and ambitious projects are carried out. Dewlemend, which is sensitive to environment and human health, also car