Today, the most valuable thing is that we do not say that time is money.

Because cash can be recovered, but time does not come back, not.

We strive to save time for our customers.

We will realize the dreams of our customers.

Our genes have to be cautious, to be predictable, to be consistent.

In doing so, we have five key cornerstones for success:

Visionary top management, innovation and technology, high-quality workforce, strong brand value, long-term shareholder structure… Why is all this essential to Dewlemend? Because a real estate company is first and foremost trust. Iz We are the work of your trust ’’. Turkey also for years to come and the world’s confiding real estate company, Turkey will continue to be the Dewlemend.

Today, we are building the world of tomorrow with our innovative understanding of the world of tomorrow. We’re starting a big change. We will continue to create value with our shareholders and all our stakeholders.

Values Supporting Our Success

It is based on honesty, quality, accountability, diversity and mutual respect with our communities and environment.

People know exactly what to expect from Dewlemend. Because we always live in accordance with our values.

When a customer is enjoying Dewlemend, people are investing in us, our partners are doing business with us, or we are working in a community, we promise to be beneficial to them and profit from their investments.

First place in our structure. We have been the industry leader for 20 years with our strong capital, rational solutions and expert staff. We welcome everyone who wants to work with the best to Dewlemend Real Estate.