DEWLEMEND HOLDG is one of the most reputable and large enterprises in Turkey. It provides services in the Real Estate, Construction, Energy and Automotive sectors.

DEWLEMEND HOLDING, which is its main field of activity, blazed the trail as a Turkish contracting company that took on travel projects first in Algeria, Turkey, and later in Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Iraq.

DEWLEMEND HOLDING started its activities in 1995 with DEWLEMEND HOLDING Real Estate.

Initial real estate buying, selling, leasing, etc. brokerage jobs. DEWLEMEND HOLDİNG İnşaat has signed many projects ranging from more waste, from buildings, lines to treatment plants, from roads to bridges, from building complexes to industrial facilities.

DEWLEMEND HOLDING; He entered the real estate sector in 2007. DEWLEMEND HOLDING; He entered the energy sector with the Res and Ges project in 2015. Today, there are 7 Ges and 2 Res projects in our organization.

DEWLEMEND HOLDING; It started its activities in 2020 with Long Term Fleet Car Rental. Dewlemend Automotive started its second hand automobile purchase and sale activities in 2022.

DEWLEEND HOLDING, construction, infrastructure, superstructure and energy investments, HİN investments that promise energy and are resistant to it.

Specializing in all infrastructure and superstructure applications, including electrical electrical installations, ports, power plants, dams, hydroelectric facilities, treatment plant, factories, industrial plant, food plant, piping, mixed-applied complex systems, hotel constructions used in 1995, talents and talents passed high school, quality , speed, technology, aims at a very large project.

Today, an international, basic and training plan has been planned.

Our task is to start from the initial stage.

We have become a road with 7 people, and today we have become a big family of nearly 10 thousand. To date, you can build as little as 50 thousand houses in total.

Through product-related practices and group tools in the industry, it will favor a technical goal that will create more value to continue, such as being guided and encouraged from the entire project, towards choosing a new business.

In the field of real estate investments, assistantship is designed and followed by new project opportunities.

We have 25 years of experience in the real estate industry.

While we have always aimed to be the best since our establishment, it continues to sign the best and the most popular.